About Us


Flstin Fits originated from a spark of inspiration during the Ramadan of 2022. With our Flstini heritage serving as the catalyst, we felt compelled to address the daily hunger experienced by families during Ramadan. It was a family member who encouraged us to turn this inspiration into action. In just one hour, Flstin Fits was conceived. Combining our passion for fashion with our Flstini identity, we decided to create and sell contemporary Palestinian-themed apparel, with the proceeds dedicated to fulfilling our mission.

The Ramadan Suhoor Festival in Dearborn, Michigan provided the perfect platform for our idea to take flight. The overwhelming support and demand from the community during the festival served as a powerful motivation for us to persist in our mission. As the saying goes, the rest is history.




As a proud Palestinian, I am grateful to belong to a culture with a deep and storied heritage. However, I often find myself grappling with the challenge of honoring my Palestinian roots. My father, Isam Khazendar, hails from Gaza, a city often described as an open-air prison, yet one that retains its Palestinian identity amidst ongoing challenges. I am determined not to let any aspect of Palestine slip into obscurity.

Through the creation of a premium line of Palestinian products, our goal is not only to raise funds for charitable causes but also to preserve and celebrate the rich identity, legacy, and heritage of Palestine.